Dr. Charles Menoche – Instrumental Methods Classes as a Model for Music Technology Pedagogy

Dr. Charles Menoche

Professor, Central Connecticut State University

Instrumental Methods Classes as a Model for Music Technology Pedagogy

A primary goal of my music technology classes is for my students to not only learn software conceptually but also to be able to actually use the technology with speed and fluidity, meeting tight deadlines, creating music, and focusing as much of their mental energy on the goals and results of projects without distractions of trying to remember how to do something (e.g., “which button to click on now?”) or working so slowly they are unable to complete projects by deadlines. With these goals in mind, my music technology pedagogy has been inspired by instrumental methods classes I took as an undergraduate student where I studied and practiced on the oboe, learned the fingerings, and was able to play both prepared and sight-reading pieces in an exam. In this presentation I will share examples of how I have incorporated this approach into both music major and non-major undergraduate courses covering computer-based notation software, DAWs, software modular synthesizers, and working with STEAM tools such as littleBits.


Dr. Charles Menoche, Professor of Music at Central Connecticut State University, has taught music technology classes and managed music technology labs for over 25 years at four different institutions.