Westminster Choir Virtual Choir Instructions

We are attempting to do a Virtual Choir a la Eric Whitacre this semester! This will be a fun project, but we will need your help.

For this to be successful, you will need to record a video of yourself performing your part while watching a youtube video. This youtube video has the score and a guide track that contains your part and a click track. Once you’re done performing, send us the video and we will synchronize the audio and video and create a virtual choir.

What you will need:
For playback of the guide tracks:1 pair of headphones – that you can plug into a computer or phone!  Bluetooth will be tricky, so take that on at your own risk.
1 Computer or phone with a headphone jack connected to the internet to play back the YouTube guide track
The video links for your part or the SATB guide track:

Eric Whitacare Lux Arumque, SATB – https://youtu.be/Nt7co2QLuto

Eric Whitacare Lux Arumque, Soprano 1- https://youtu.be/yYEfpe4nSco

Eric Whitacare Lux Arumque, Soprano 2 – https://youtu.be/q353eRVsC2o

Eric Whitacare Lux Arumque, Alto – https://youtu.be/F0SCFJheZmc

Eric Whitacare Lux Arumque, Tenor – https://youtu.be/n2IhTmi_ZI0

For Recording your performance:
1 Computer, phone, or video recorder
A quiet, well lit space – do not record next to your refrigerator or a loud air conditioner!!!  

Here is the process:

1.) Set up your space.  You should have the computer playing back the guide track in front of you so you can see the music, but behind the camera, so it’s not in the shot.  The recording camera should be in front of you as well and should capture your face as most of the shot.  Try and arrange the two devices so that when you are reading the music, you are also looking at the camera.  Make sure to perform to the camera, not the YouTube track.

2.) Bring up the YouTube link on your playback device.  Watch the video and practice with it!  Test the level in the headphones so the click in not audible when you are recording.

3.) Get your recorder ready to record.  Make a test video and make sure you can see your face and that the audio sounds as good as possible.  Sing loud and soft in your test.

4.) Hit play on the YouTube video and follow the instructions!

5.) When you are finished, send your file to dmaxwell@westminstercollege.edu using WeTransfer or FileMail. Getting videos off a phone can be tricky sometimes, so when you do this, try and make sure that you are sending us the highest quality video you can.

I made a short video so you can see the process – https://youtu.be/AS2u_c8K8EM

I accidentally cut of the very end of the video, but all I was saying was if you have any questions, email me at dmaxwell@westminstercollege.edu!