VU Symposium 2016, July 5-7

The first annual Vu Symposium on experimental, electronic, and improvised music, will be held in Park City, Utah on July 5-7, 2016.

The theme for our first symposium is quite broad.  We invite scholars, performers, ensembles, composers, critics, and anyone and everyone interested in experimental, improvised, and/or electronic music to present papers, pieces, curated concerts, ideas, half-ideas, lectures, performance pieces, improvisations, or installations that ask, answer, or critique the following question:

“What happened, what’s happening now, and what could happen?”

Our goal is to provide a forum in which any thinker and/or practitioner who is writing about, performing, presenting, or otherwise championing experimental, improvised and electronic music can freely engage in discourse.  The format of the symposium will vary each year based on the nature and the number of submissions but will include: concerts, roundtables, paper presentations, and longer lectures.  This symposium does not focus on keynotes, featured ensembles, or featured composers, it is focused on the free exchange of ideas of its participants.  Because of this, our symposium is free of charge.  Participants are highly encouraged to attend all three days of the symposium.

The Vu Symposium is sponsored by Listen/Space, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization.  Print and electronic conference proceedings will be published by Listen/Space, so any participant that would like to publish their paper, presentation, or performance may do so.

Park City, Utah is a small mountain town that also happens to host many conferences and festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival.  Free public transportation, convenient accommodations, outdoor activities, and great restaurants are literally steps away from our symposium’s home base at the Park City Library.

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  1. Dorone says:

    Hello, your conference looks fascinating and I would love to take part in it, however I am not affiliated with any university and therefore don’t have any budget/funding in order to arrive to the States. Are there any funding options available to this conference that I may apply for? Thanks, Dorone.


    1. Hi Dorone, This is our first year and we don’t have access to travel funding. I am happy to write letters of invitation for travel grants. Hope this helps. Best!


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