Listen/Space is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization focused on commissioning, presenting and recording new works of experimental music.   We currently host a yearly residency for experimental musicians in a cabin outside of Park City, Utah (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).  To date we have commissioned 25 new works of experimental chamber music.  We host a yearly VU Symposium focused on experimental, improvised and electronic music (2016, 2017) at the Park City Library.  Between 2008-2013 Listen/Space was a small venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that hosted shows, rehearsals and residencies for experimental musicians and composers.  NYC history here: https://listenspacemusic.org/history/

Projects: VU  www. vusymposium.org

VU Symposium archive https://vusymposium.lib.utah.edu/

The 2016 VU Symposium was our first annual symposium dedicated to experimental, improvised and electronic music at the Park City Library.   Held over 3 days, July 5-7, 2016, more than 40 musicians presented their works in concert, gave paper presentations and lecture-concerts in person in Park City.   Committee: Devin Maxwell, PhD, Chair VU Symposium (Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Utah School of Music), G. Douglas Barrett, PhD (Music/Sound Fellow, Akademie Schloss Solitude), Brian Harnetty, PhD, Stephanie Richards (Assistant Professor, UC San Diego), Alex Waterman, PhD (Visiting Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University), Greg Stuart (Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina). We could not have done it without our VUlunteers: Andrew Munsey, Jonathan Marmor, Kristin Olson, Kevin Farrell, Stephanie Richards  more

The 2017 VU 2 was an all day concert of electronic music works by over 60 composers from around the world.  Happening July 18, 2017 at the Park City Library.  Curated by Katie Porter, Co-Founder VU and Listen/Space.  We could not VU without our VUlunteers: Anthony Pena, Darlene Castro, Ashkan Fakhr Tabatabaie more

The 2019 VU 3 is a three day symposium schedule for July 10-12, 2019.

The VU Symposium is dedicated to Vladimir Ussachevsky, pioneering electronic composer, and Utahn for a bit.

Projects: The Listen/Space Commissions and Residency. www.listenspacemusic.org

Entering it’s 4th year, Listen/Space has commissioned over 25 new works of experimental chamber music by composers and composer/performers Doug Barrett, Composer (NY- pieces 15, 16, 2017), Quentin Tolimieri, Composer/Piano (NY -resident 2017), Stephanie Richards, Composer/Trumpet (CA- resident 15,16,2017), Christine Tavolacci, Composer/Flute (CA – resident 15, 16, 2017) , Robert Jedrzejewski, Composer/Cello (Poland- resident 2016), Travis Just, Composer (NY – pieces 15, 2016), Laura Steenberge, Composer (CA- pieces 2016), André Cormier, Composer (Canada – pieces 15, 17 and resident 2016), Jonathan Marmor, Composer (NY- resident 15, 16, 2017), Devin Maxwell, Composer/Conductor (UT- resident 15, 16, 2017), Eric KM Clark, Composer/Violin (CA- resident 15, 16, 2017), Kevin Farrell, Composer/Bass (NY- resident 15, 16, 2017), Nathan Herrera, Composer/Saxophone (CA- resident 15, 16, 2017), Andrew Munsey, Composer/Drums (CA – resident 15, 16, 2017), Rei Hotoda, Conductor (UT- resident 2017), Katie Porter, Clarinet/Curator (UT- resident 15, 16, 2017), Kristin Olson, Oboe (NY- resident 15, 16, 2017), Robin Streb, Viola (Canada- resident 2016) and Jessica Gaynor, Dance/Choreographer (NY- resident 2017). The resulting several books of scores and recordings will be available in 2017 on Frog Peak Music.   more


Katie Porter, Clarinetist & Curator  www.fromkp.wordpress.com

Devin Maxwell, PhD, Composer, Director of Composition & Music Technology, Westminster College.  www.devinmaxwell.net